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Getting started with I2C on the QG8

Discussion created by David Evennou on Jan 25, 2007
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Hi all,
I am using the QG8 and want to use the I2C Bus to receive data, first by polling. I am sending I2C data from a Netburner Module (MOD-5270 Coldfire Processor). Question: What is the margin of error of the clock freq for the SCL to receive data on the QG8? The MCF5270 is transmitting at a clock freq of 64.102 KHZ. The signals look good on the scope. I have the QG8 setup to "receive" using the Device Initialization Bean in CW 5.0.
Also, the QG8 clock freq is 62.5 KHZ in the CW Device Initialization GUI.
MCUInit() Code:
Note: I am using PTB 6 and PTB7 for SDA and SCL.
 /* Common initialization of the write once registers */
 SOPT2 = 0x02;                                     
 /* ### Init_IIC init code */
 /* IICA: ADDR6=0,ADDR5=0,ADDR4=0,ADDR3=0,ADDR2=0,ADDR1=0,ADDR0=1 */
 IICA = 0x02;                                     
 /* IICF: MULT1=0,MULT0=1,ICR5=0,ICR4=0,ICR3=1,ICR2=0,ICR1=0,ICR0=1 */
 IICF = 0x49;                                     
 IICC = 0x80;                                     
I am simply monitoring the incoming I2C data with:
   LED.Data[0][6] = IICD;  // turn on some LEDs on target board using SPI
I suspect that the TCF flag is never getting set.
What am I missing for this to work?