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HC12: Why do I keep outcoding my lisence?

Question asked by Corey Shelson on Jan 24, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2007 by Pascal Irrle

I am working on a thesis project and i am programming an hcs12dp256 with codewarrior. I keep running into the problem where i get a link error " L4025: This limited version allows only 32768 bytes of C code". The thing is, i don't see any possible way that my code is this big. I am currently using large memory model, with 32 bit floats and 64 bit doubles. Would these two factors have a large impact on the size of my code? And if so what can i do to get around this. Would using the small memory model help? Is there anywhere to get a free full lisence for students? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

- Corey

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