fsl gnome release RAM requirement?

Discussion created by danix on May 26, 2011
Latest reply on May 26, 2011 by Vladan Jovanovic
Hey all,  I build the FSL gnome release successfully, but when I load to the target, it says something like on the console .... mounting filesystems.... cp: write failed, no space left on device cp: write failed, no space left on device ...  then it continues and lunches gnome(on my 3.5", 320x240 LCD), but 1. it's not responding while I'm touching the icons 2. more frustrating, when I tried to open totem on the command line, it says it can't open display and exits.....  I am thinking.. may be the RAM is small for GONME, but I don't know  can anyone verify that and explain what can I do to run gnome properly on my platform?  In my custom board with imx23, I have 64MB of DDR RAM, 1GB NAND, 2GB sandisk SD and 320x240 LCD(I modified the default driver for lms430) (I'm booting imx from SD)