Jeffrey Griglack

Problem with 9s08gt60 SCI output

Discussion created by Jeffrey Griglack on Jan 24, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2011 by Vincent Mancera
I am using a PAN802154 board for development. I used the BeeKit to generate the WirelessUART project for a . Built and downloaded fine, but it does not appear to put anything out on the SCI port. It should display a startup message. All the code appears to be setting up and accessing the SCI ports as I would expect. The external clock is at 16MHz, so the Bus clock should be 8MHz. The board is powered at 3.2v (enough to drive the SCI). The board shipped with a test program loaded and that wrote to the terminal emulator just fine (but I don't have the source for it). This should be writing at 38400 bps.

Okay, maybe I did something wrong, so I went back and created a generic project to just access the SCI. Using the Processor Expert (ugh!), I built a generic project to echo a character. It polls the SCI1D looking for a character and then writes it out when it sees it. Using the debugger, I know that I am getting the character in, but when I write the character out, nothing is displayed. This is writing at 9600 bps.

Any ideas?