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Does CW support having more than 1 file with the same name?

Discussion created by gvictorio gvictorio on Jan 23, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2013 by Tommy Nygard
I have my CodeWarrior project so that I have different targets and each target have some files that are named the same but there's one for each target. All those files are visible in the File List Tab of the project except two files: main.c and vector.c.
Is there a problem with this?
It only displays one main.c and one vector.c, but the compiler is trying to compile a different one than the specified for that target.
If I try o add it again to the project (as if it had been deleted from the project) it just displays this error message:
"At least one file could not be added to the selected target(s)."
Any idea of what's going on? Why are those not visible?
Thank you!