Torsten Krieger

CodeWarrior 8.0 USB TAP connectivity problem with DSC 56800/E

Discussion created by Torsten Krieger on Jan 22, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2010 by Vaillat Remi
Hi folks,

we have a serious problem with Code Warrior 8.0 and JTAG USB TAP. When we attempted to download a application to our target MC56F8357 we are getting the following error from CW ‘CCS ProtocolPlugin : CSS Core not responding’. We have searched in this forum and followed the hints given to set TCLK to 500 kHz and modify ccs.cfg to ‘config cc utap’ without success:-(

On the MC56F8357 we have validated the power supply on all pins which is correct. On TCK we see the clock and some data on TDO, but no connection is established by CW.

Any help would be appreciated!