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MC68340 and Serial Dataflash via SPI

Discussion created by the love of life on Jan 22, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2007 by Jeff Smith
Lucky I found out this forum, but I don't know whether FreeScale have some relation to Motorola or not? If yes, may be I found the correct place for my problem. ( I am so newbie to Programming processor so If there is something I am incorrect, please sympathy with me).
I need to connect Serial DataFlash to a Motorola MC68340 system (this already is completed product so I don't have chance to change to MCU), and It seem very complicated to me because MC68340 doesn't support SPI. Now I need to make a software SPI (Bit-bang). But some days pass, It haven't worked out yet.

To connect Motorola to SS,SCK,MOSI of Dataflash, I use flip-flop 74hc374 and to connect Motorola to MISO of DataFlash, I use Buffer 74hc244 as following. (Currently, this product use 374 for output and 244 for input, as far as I understand, so I must continue to use these chips to interface.)
_______ __         _______
| moto D0|  ->     |                | ->MOSI
| rola   D1|  ->     |74hc374  | ->SS
|_____ D2| ->     |________| ->CLK

_______ _      ________
| moto D0|   <-|                |<-MISO
| rola        |      |74hc244  |
|_______|       |________|

( What a pity that today I don't bring here my programming source). I am so tired until now It doesn't work. Could anyone tell me whether this hardware can work out? Should I continue with this connections? Could anyone give me some hint for programming bit-bang with this connection because I am so newbie to Motorola.

Any help is highly appreciated.
Many thanks and best regards.