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SMAC Data Receive

Discussion created by Dave Smith on Jan 21, 2007
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Hi all -

Is it necessary, when running an SMAC application on the HCS08, to always block the processor after an MLMERXEnableRequest? I noticed in the demo apps that after a receive request is made, the next instruction is almost always a call to wait().

As I was modifying some of the applications, I decided to remove that call (so I could allow the CPU to do some background processing while waiting for SMAC data to come in) and it seemed like I couldn't get the application to listen for the receives!

I know that a wait() will do nothing until the next interruptable event, but shouldn't the MC1319X received data interrupt call MCPSDataIndication function even if the processor is active and crunching? Is there a smarter way to implement background processing while the MC1319X receiver is on?