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HC08 programming questions

Discussion created by mauricio fernandez montoya on Jan 21, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2007 by Joerg Schnyder
i want to make a ics board board similar to multilink mon08 from pe micro. i download the an2317d application note about the low cost programming and debbuging options for mc68hc908 MCUs.

i have a big doubt about it: the table 1 (typical mon08-to-target mapping) has the information of the pins used in the monitor rom mode. with gp/gt families there's no problem but if i want to conect in that way other MCUs (jk/jl, kx, mr, qy/qt) the same pins have other configurations.

for example with jk MCUs, the MOD1, MOD0,DIV4 and SSEl pins have a resistor conected to each levels (vcc/gnd). the gp32 don't have this resistors (at least with MOD0 and MOD1 pins). it would work if i connect in series some 10k resistors as in the other MCUs?????

i want that this homemade MON08 connector be similar to this commercial version (cyclone or multilink). what i have to do about it???

(Sorry for my english :smileyhappy:)