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nand problems and new partitions

Discussion created by Mehmet Kurnaz on May 12, 2011
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I have i.mx28x evk. There is no nand on evk. I couldn't understand why. On a new project I have to use 8Gb nand(K9G8G08U0A). First of all I tried 1Gb nand(MT29F2G08AAD). There was no error. But I didn't try new partitions.

I have changed erase size of jffss image to 256K and page size 2K for my 8Gb nand.

Today I try 8Gb nand, and there are some errors. I wrote to /dev/mtd0 and  rootfs.jffs to /dev/mtd1. I built from nand and mounted /dev/mtdblock1. At first boot there is no problem. If I reset board at new boot I get below errors

empty flash at 0x0000fffc ends at 0x00010000
mtd->read(0x74 bytes from 0x645f8c) returned ECC error
mtd->read(0x758 bytes from 0x6458a8) returned ECC error
JFFS2 notice: (2009) read_dnode: wrong data CRC in data node at 0x006458a8: read 0x605b1d36, calculated 0x73ae93ea.
mtd->read(0xa6 bytes from 0x645800) returned ECC error
JFFS2 warning: (2009) jffs2_do_read_inode_internal: Truncating ino #1474 to 7430 bytes failed because it only had 4096 bytes to start with!
mtd->read(0x184 bytes from 0x645e7c) returned ECC error


I need help. I am at starting of project and no time. 


I have to create new partitions on 8Gb nand like below.





storage-> -


I have added cmdlines on package list;


noinitrd console=ttyAM0,115200 root=/dev/mmcblk0p3 rw rootwait ip=none gpmi mtdparts=gpmi-nfs.0:32m(kernel),256m(rootfs),256m(ekent),256m(adam),-(storage)


noinitrd console=ttyAM0,115200 mtdparts=gpmi-nfs-main:32m(kernel),256m(rootfs),256m(ekent),256m(adam),-(storage) root=/dev/mtdblock1 rootfstype=jffs2 gpmi


I have tried with rootfs on sdcard(first cmdline) and on nand(second cmdline).

And checked mtd with "cat /proc/mtd" and saw only two partitions.

mtd0: 01400000 00040000 gpmi-nfc-0-boot

mtd1: 3ec00000 00040000 gpmi-nfc-general-use


I checked /proc/cmdline and it is right as I set.


It cannot be difficult but I don't know why I can't overcome.