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Convert Banked GCC S1 to linear S2 record

Discussion created by Frank Brancato on Jan 20, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2007 by Exequiel Rarama
I'm using GCC tools for the NE64 chip that generate S1 record that starts at 0x4000 and ends at 0xFFFF. The PPAGE register is set to 0x3D to get a linear flash space.

The GCC memory.x file is as follows:


MEMORY{  ioports (!x)  : org = 0x0000, l = 0x0400  eeprom  (!i)  : org = 0x, l = 0x  data    (rwx) : org = 0x3200, l = 0x0E00  text    (rx)  : org = 0x4000, l = 0xB800  vectors (rx)  : org = 0xFF80, l = 0x0080}PROVIDE (_stack = 0x4000);vectors_addr = 0xFF80;


I have tried for 3 day using SRecCvt-GUI  to generate and  program the NE64 with no luck.
Has anyone run into this problem?
Thanks in advanve for your help