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L1907: Fixup overflow in Uart_Poll

Question asked by Udo van der Meer on Jan 19, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2007 by Stacy Walker

I made some alterations to My Wireless App:
Changed some directorynames of source-files
Changed the names of the projectfile .mcp, and targets.

I also changed the following in the target settings box:
Access paths/User paths to the new source directories
Build extra/Initial directory to "{Project}Project_Data\Device1"
Linker for HC08/Application filename to "Project_Data\Device1\Device1.elf"

Added the file App.c:
#include "Comm.h"
#include "Uart.h"
void main(void)
 Uart_Print("Welcome message " );
 Uart_Print(" " );
 Uart_Print("\n\n" );
 for( ; ; )

Comm.c is MyApp_Ex07b.c except that main() is now called CommMain()
and definition are in Comm.h

But I get the error:
Link Error: L1907: Fixup overflow in Uart_Poll, to Uart_GetFromRxCirc type 3, at offset 0x2B

What could be wrong?