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How about an OSBDM Version table ?

Question asked by Alban Rampon Employee on Jan 19, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2010 by Thierry Maldague
Hello People,
I would like to create a table keeping different versions.
May you please reply to this thread indicating the version you have identified and the differences compared to the ORIGINAL one ?
Currently it is quite messy (to stay polite) for someone who would like to start.
So far I have from the top of my head:

- OSBDM08 Rev0 - RockyRoad - Obsolete (incomplete archive) - Deleted

- OSBDM08 Rev1 - RockyRoad - Base for all others. - on this site - finalized

- OSBDM08 Rev1.1 (WTBMDS08) - Witztronics - change of PCB - finalized

- OSBDM08 Rev1.6 - - JB16, Matchbox size project - finalized

- OSBDM08 Rev2 (OSBDM08+E) - Joerg - supports RS08 - finalized

- OSBDM08 Rev? - Jarin - (R)S08, unknown
If I made a mistake, please don't attribute to malice what could be explained by ignorance !
Just tell me and I will correct.
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