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Indirection to different types

Discussion created by DEREX Pascal on Jan 17, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2007 by DEREX Pascal
I have this definition :
SBYTE const SUIVANT[6]={'S','U','I','V',1,0};
I call the function LCDPutString(SUIVANT,2,15) which is defined like it :
void LCDPutString(SBYTE *s,BYTE lgn,BYTE pos)
When i compile i have this warning : Indirection to different types ('const signed char *' instead of 'signed char *')
I undestand this warning but would it be possible to do something to avoid it? I could declare SUIVANT not in const but i will lose ram. The LCDPutString can receive other arguments that const arguments.
How can i do?
Thank you very much