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New i.MX51 System On Module -blog archive

Discussion created by Julien Boibessot on May 4, 2011

ARMadeus Systems is proud to announce its new i.MX51 based SOM: the APF51.

It is based on an i.MX515 @ 800MHz with 64 to 512MBytes of 32 bits LPDDR RAM, 256 MB to 32 GB of 8 bits SLC NAND FLASH, a Xilinx Spartan 6A FPGA and a Wolfson WM8311 PMIC.

More informations are available here.

For quick development purposes, the APF51 SOM can be plugged on the APF51Dev docking board which adds it the following functionalities: WiFi b/g, Bluetooth 2.0, 8x12bits ADC, 2x10 bits DAC, CAN Bus, HDMI video output, 2x USB High Speed Host connectors, 1x USB OTG connector, Ethernet 10/100 connector, 24 bits LCD Interface, Stereo Audio In/Out, microSD connector, camera connector, FPGA IOs connector and optionally: 2G/3G Modem, GPS and Industrial Buses with HMS AnyBus (TM).

More informations are available here.

Boards are delivered with a fully functionnal BSP based on U-Boot 2010.03, Linux and Buildroot 2010.11.