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Build Qt from LTIB

Discussion created by Vladan Jovanovic Employee on May 3, 2011
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As more and more people are looking into Qt on i.MX processors, I thought to make the whole process easier and make patches to allow building of latest version directly from LTIB. There's some possibilities for this already in Freescale BSPs, but for older Qt and with some issues.


Attached are the patches that, once applied to the BSP, will allow building latest Qt 4.7.2 directly from LTIB. Qt won't be downloaded automatically, so remember to do that and store it to /opt/freescale/pkgs .


Copy patches to where you've installed BSP, and apply them in order, by executing:

cat patch_name | patch -p2


Let me know if there's any issues....


(Last patch is in the next message, only 3 attachments allowed per post...)

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