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i2c device(fram) on i.mx28 evk

Discussion created by Mehmet Kurnaz on May 3, 2011
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 I need some help. I have to use i2c device(fram) on i.mx28 evk. I think I can use instead of U50(i2c eeprom). I mounted fram to place of u50. I added i2c device to arch/arm/mach-mx28/mx28evk.c file like below.

static struct i2c_board_info __initdata mxs_i2c_device[] =


// { I2C_BOARD_INFO("sgtl5000-i2c", 0xa), .flags = I2C_M_TEN },

    { I2C_BOARD_INFO("fram-i2c", 0xa), .flags = I2C_M_TEN }



There is another i2c device on the board( sound device:sgtl5000). And both of them have same chip-id.

Because of chip-id of fram, I have commented  sgtl5000-i2c device. And disable from linux config(device drivers/sound card support/ALSA/ALSA for Soc auido support).


I booted linux-sb, but I cannot see fram. How can I use u50 interface for i2c-fram?



Mehmet Kurnaz