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Preparing Ubuntu 10.10 for Linux and Android development on the i.MX53

Discussion created by Remi Lorriaux on May 2, 2011
A lot of people have asked how the laptops used for the i.MX53 Android/Linux trainings were configured.

The training slides can be found here:

The attached document - with the accompanying scripts - explains how to prepare the a fresh install of Ubuntu 10.10 (either on a virtual machine or an actual PC) for the Freescale Linux/Android i.MX53 Quickstart training. It covers what is necessary to run these labs, but different use cases might require additional setup (not covered in this document).

Android BSP and images:
- Get the latest sources, images and instructions for the i.MX53 Quick Start Board from Adeneo Embedded:

- You do not have to use a virtual machine, but you might find it more suitable for many different reasons (e.g. easier deployment). On the other hand, installing Ubuntu 10.10 natively will give you better performance and faster build times.
- Most of the setup steps have been implemented as scripts. If you are new to Linux/Android development, you can use them right away. If you are an expert user, feel free to have a look and modify them!
- Only Ubuntu 10.10 is supported here but using another distribution should be relatively straightforward (see other threads on this forum).
- There is an issue with this version of VMware + Ubuntu 10.10: the USB driver tends to crash (apparent using 'dmesg' when the USB stops wokring). The workaround is to reboot the guest OS (i.e. Ubuntu 10.10). A better solution would be to unload and reload the proper kernel module.

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