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A wish concerning register definition files in assembler

Discussion created by Joerg Schnyder on Jan 16, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2007 by Joerg Schnyder
as i am preparing some more versions of EBS08 i noticed, that the register definition files for the different devices (i.e QD4 and QGx as well as GBxx ...) are in different stiles.
They are sometimes using the bare bit names like ELS0A or a name with the register name an the bit name like TPM2C0SC_ELS0A.
Sometimes the names are differing from the data sheet.
I think the names strictly should be as they are listed in the data sheet!! with no exceptions!!! (please use bit names without register name in front!)

I know it is a hard work to write those files, but if they are written as they should they are easing the programming work a lot.

Thanks Joerg