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P&E USB Multilink Issue

Discussion created by Ian Massey on Jan 16, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2007 by Ian Massey
I am using the P&E Multilink debugger to prog my MC9S12X micro, when the micro is in selt clock mode all is fine and I am able to prog and debug no problem.  However when I connect and enable the 16MHz XTAL my down load fails with a message "ELF Loader : Error while writing to FFFE..101FE" followed by "HI-WAVE: Failed to load "C:\projects\X Gate\xCAN Test\bin\P&E_Multilink_CyclonePro.abs"  The command output on the True-Time Simulator gives
     MCU clock speed: 8008000 Hz
Block Module Name      Address Range   Status
  0  FLASH_4000        4000 -  7FFF   Blank - Unselected
  1  FLASH_C000        C000 -  FFFF   Blank - Unselected
  2  PAGES_E0_E7     E08000 -E7BFFF   Blank - Unselected
  3  PAGES_F8_FF     F88000 -FFBFFF   Programmed - Unselected
  4  EEPROM_C00         C00 -   FFF   Blank - Unselected
  5  ALL_EPAGES      FC0800 -FF0BFF   Blank - Unselected
  6  EEPROM_800         800 -   BFF   Blank - Unselected
  7  FLASH_8000        8000 -  BFFF   Programmed - Unselected
Also I can see the 16MHz signal a scope no problem.
Thanks in advance