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Vote for Modification to allow i.MX53 QSB to power on automatically when power is applied!

Discussion created by Iain Galloway on May 2, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2011 by RandyKrakora


Many customers of ours have mentioned that they would like the i.MX53QSB to power on automatically when power is applied. This is typical of an embedded application.

I've been told there are two iterim adjustments that could be made:

 - add a transistor circuit to the front end to "push" the power on switch. I haven't looked at this in detail, but it seems a bit kludgy, and I'm wondering how well it would work as the PMIC reacts to long pushes and short pushes differently.


 - "Reprogram the PMIC", this **sounds** great, and easy, except i don't think it is... Maybe first step woudl be for the board designers to provide a modified programming file.


How many people would like to see a version or a Fix/Adjustment which would allow the i.MX53 QSB to power on when power is applied? The more Votes we get, the more likely we can get this pushed up the queue of things to do.


PLEASE VOTE by replying!