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No serial output, no video out

Discussion created by Grahame Bowland on Apr 20, 2011
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Hi everyone


I received my development board a couple of weeks ago and haven't managed to get it working.


The board came with a SD card rather than MicroSD. I've installed that, I've connected a VGA cable, keyboard to upper USB port, and I've connected a serial cable to the serial interface. When I press the power button I see a series of four blue and three green lights come on, but nothing on the serial port.


I'm using a straight-through cable to the port on my PC (it's a USB serial dongle, tested with a loopback connector and it works.) I'm using 115200, 8N1 as specified. I've tried a null modem connector with no luck.


Anyone got any suggestions, or is it just faulty? The board is labelled SCH-26565 REV D / 700-26565 REV E on the USB/ethernet post.