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Help Implementing a Bootloader

Discussion created by Gary Poole on Jan 15, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2007 by bigmac

I'm currently attempting to implement a bootloader application residing on an MC9S08GQ8 based upon the information located in AN2295. Ultimately, the bootloader will perform in-system (re)programing via the SCI.

I'm envisaging the bootloader residing in an area of protected Flash, with the interrupt vectors relocated to an area of unprotected Flash. The PE has taken care of that for me but i'm slightly unsure to whether or not interrupts can be executed by the bootloader itself. I've placed a 16-bit timer interrupt routine in the bootloader code but it never actually gets executed - that would suggest the former...

Some threads i've read state that a bootloader cannot execute interrupts whilst others i've read suggest that they can with some "work". Can some one please clarify this ? If they can, are there any C code examples around that demonstrate this ?

Many thanks