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UART initialization

Discussion created by Crt Gorup on Jan 15, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2007 by Petter Gustad
with my friends we are doing school project. One part of this project requires UART initialization. This is first time we are using such processor(CF5282), until now we were only using M68HC11. Problem is that we can't get UART to work at all. I think we set correctly everything, but on PC we don't receive anything. Our setting are 9600bps, 8bits per char, 1 stop bit, no parity. Can somebody tell us what did we wrong?
Thanks in advance, Crt Gorup
.EQU    TERM_BUF,     0x4000020C    /* buffer register */.EQU    TERM_CMD,     0x40000208    /* command register */.EQU    TERM_IRQ,     0x40000214    /* interrupt enable/disable register */.EQU    TERM_CLK,     0x40000204    /* clock select register */.EQU    TERM_UBG1N,   0x40000218    /* clock divider upper register */.EQU    TERM_UBG2N,   0x4000021C    /* clock divider lower register */.EQU    TERM_UMR1,    0x40000200    /* parity, bits per char */.EQU    TERM_UMR2,    0x40000204    /* stop bit length, RTS */.EQU    TERM_ENB,     0x01    /* enable interrupt */.EQU    TERM_DIS,     0x00    /* disable interrupt */  MOVE.B  #0x3A, %D0       /* reset transmiter, disable transmiter and */  MOVE.B  %D0, TERM_CMD    /* disable reciever                         */  MOVE.B  #0x6, %D0        /* enable reciever */  MOVE.B  %D0, TERM_CMD  MOVE.B  #0x00, %D0       /* set clock divider upper register */  MOVE.B  %D0, TERM_UBG1N  MOVE.B  #0xD6, %D0       /* set clock lower upper register */  MOVE.B  %D0, TERM_UBG2N  MOVE.B  #0xDD, %D0       /* select system prescaled clock */  MOVE.B  %D0, TERM_CLK    MOVE.B  #0x13, %D0      /* parity none, 8 bits per character */      MOVE.B  %D0, TERM_UMR1    MOVE.B  #0x07, %D0      /* stop bit length = 1.0, RTS disabled */  MOVE.B  %D0, TERM_UMR2                         
   /* sending character */  MOVE.B  #TERM_ENB,%D0       /* enable interrupts */  MOVE.B  %D0,TERM_IRQ    MOVE.B  #STRING, %D0        /* put char into buffer */  MOVE.B  %D0, TERM_BUF    MOVE.B  #TERM_DIS,%D0       /* disable interrupts */  MOVE.B  %D0,TERM_IRQ