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EBS08 the Simple Basic System for HC(S)08 MCU's

Discussion created by Joerg Schnyder on Jan 14, 2007
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You need a simple "OS" for you design? EBS08 could be the solution!
It uses about 200 bytes of ROM and 4 bytes of RAM. It is CW 5.1 ready an written in assembler.
The chosen absolute assembly mode is easy to understand (no SECTIONS, EXTERNAL and GLOBAL stuff!).
The system allows the user to control the MCU with TIC flags (going HI at 1,4,8,16,32,64,128 and 256 TIC's) and/or
event flags (i.e. if the MPU has receives a message).
It consist of a main.asm file, a task manager (you can choose three modes for calculating TIC* flags) , the TIC generation
module (with different possibilities for the timer mode/source depending on the MPU) and the vector file.
The EBS08 is ready for the following MPU's:
HC08: QTx/QYx, QBx, AB32
HCS08: GB32/64, RCxx coming soon: QD4
There are also additional modules like: MAT routines, AD routines (with mean calculating), LCD modules, SCI (RS232) modules,
Keyboard modules (4x4 with shift function) etc.
DOC's and tutorials and other info can be downloaded at:

Any comments are welcome! Sometimes the comments are in German -> sorry, but after a while i will have changed them!

Saluti Joerg

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