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v4l2 capture

Discussion created by matthias fend on Apr 6, 2011
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I just tried to get the CSI interface of the 53QSB to work:


First I load the modules:

> modprobe mxc_v4l2_capture

> modprobe ov3640_camera


But when I try to access these driver with the supplied test utilities

(mxc_v4l2_overlay.out, mxc_v4l2_capture.out) I always get error messages like these:

ERROR: v4l2 capture: slave not found!
Unable to open /dev/video0


I figured out that the probe method of the ov3640 is also not called (after modprobe).


For the test I used L2.6.35_11.01.00_ER.

When I use the same kernel&rootfs with the IMX51EVK everything works well.

So I guess it's something board/processor specific.


Any hints?