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Communication speed error on trying to download code using USB P and E Multilink BDM

Question asked by Raghav Sarma on Jan 12, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2007 by Raghav Sarma
I'm developing an application on the Hc12 dg128 using Code Warrior 3.1. I'm unable to download code onto my HC12 chip using the P and E Multilink BDM. The True Time Simulator gives me an error saying "Communication Speed not found" (see screenshots).  Any idea what the problem could be here or how this can be solved.
I was previously able to download code and work normally with the debugger. I was debugging through ruotines to reprogam / erase flash when I got a message saying "frequency change detected. unable to reconnect" and have not been able to get the debugger working after that. I've checked my connections. Both lights on the BDM are lit so the chip seems to be powered OK.
Are there any speed settings that can be changed in the true time simulator or code warrior? Could this be a hardware problem?