Udo van der Meer

Tree or Mesh network demo?

Discussion created by Udo van der Meer on Jan 12, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2007 by Enrique Marcial-Simon
I am trying to make a tree or mesh network which will do the following:
End devices act as triggers. They only send data.
An end device (RFD) will send data to his nearby receiver (FFD).
That reciever then forwards the data to an other reciever connected to a computer.

Since the computer reciever may not phisically be in the center, I think it must be a mesh network between the FFDs.
Any FFD may be coordinator, depending on which powers up first.

MyWirelessApp can only be used to connect 2 devices as PAN coordinator and end device?

Does anyone know were to find the MyStarNetworkApp demo code?
I already got the User's Guide (802154MSNAUG.pdf)

Are there any other MyApp demos?



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