jason talley

gstreamer and mpeg transport streams

Discussion created by jason talley on Apr 1, 2011

Has anyone attempted mpeg transport streams thru gstreamer on the imx5x?  I realize the mpegts plugin is in the bad group, but it seems to work ok on my pc.  The big difference is in the versions tho.


I attempted to update the versions thru ltib to be comparable to what I run on my PC, but now when using the udpsrc element (v10.21 now) I get an error on the console:

FEC ENET: rcv is not +last.

I need to go track this down, but it seems I've gone from bad to worse.


The big bummer is that streaming from network->file, then playing from a file worked.  However, when streaming direct from the network, alsasink would hang once it found the correct audio parms.


Very frustrating.