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Discussion created by mauricio fernandez montoya on Jan 12, 2007
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HI!! in te last 3 months i have tried to assemble a hc08 programmer for jk1, gp32, jk3,jl3 and others. i want to use my usb port because in my design, i dont want to use any kind of external power supply. first with serial port (20mA max.), i realized that a board with a lot of components or microcontrollers, the current supply needed by the board is more that the port can give, for that reason, my serial port would be damaged. with usb i think i dont have this problem because it can gives 500 mA. i need to convert usb protocol(rs485) to rs232 with ft232bm chip (example), then convert rs232 signals to microcontroller levels with (max232). there is another way to do this???? how reliable is this "crazy idea"???
i need some help.

another thing: i cannot program my smd microcontrollers (as mc68hc908qb8). if i solder it in a thiny pcb with a little port, and conect into my board, it would work???

Mauricio Fernández Montoya
P.D:sorry for my english ( i am colombian :smileyvery-happy:)