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Discussion created by Tak Asami on Mar 31, 2011
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Hi all:

Just joined this group, thank you.

I'm in the process of porting ANDROID to i.MX25 based platform (sorry, not Freescale PDK, but should be very similar) and try utilizing Freescale ANDROID R9.1 package. I realize it is built for i.MX51 and there is a slight difference between 25 and 51 in terms of CPU core (i.MX25 is arm926EJ-S core, and i.MX51 is Cortex A8). I came to realize there are a few potential incompatibility issues due to that:
- arm 9 core doesn't have TLS register and it is handled by software emulation, while Cortex A8

  has the real register.

- Cortex A8 has Neon co processor that arm9 does not.

I noticed the package use several precompiled libraries (.so) with names including "arm-11". Does this mean that these libraries may not work with i.MX25 and becomes problem?

Do I have to write all those media libraries myself (hope not)? 

If this is a problem, is there a relief for it (like source code available somewhere...)?

I appreciate if anyone has information on this.