Can anybody help me with Cracked MC9S08QG8 Demo Board

Discussion created by Guest on Jan 11, 2007
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I'm Afraid that I've destroyed my demo kit. Demo Board was working good. Bud when I've connected the BDM interface to another cracked device, the Demo Kit get Cracked too. When I tried to connect the BDM Interface to surely working device I make a sure that the Demo Board is cracked becoase the Debugger call error: "Cannot enter background mode"

And when i touched to the Demo Board, the chip U305 and the rezistor R306 was very hot

So I would like to try change the U305 chip (In my opinion it is cause problems) bud on the chip is writen C6658Z. Bud when i tried to enter this number to nothing had been found. So i would like to ask you: Did you now the strict name of chip U305? Or did you now what cause problems? Thank you wery much!

I'am sorry, I now that my english is very poor. :smileyhappy:

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