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CodeWarriorFire 6.3 Standard Edition C++ Support

Discussion created by Stephen Niedzielski on Jan 11, 2007
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I am confused by the C++ support offered by CodeWarrior 6.3 Standard Edition for the ColdFire MCF52233.
CodeWarrior allows a user to create a C++ project, but the standard, pre-baked code does not compile under the UART Debug build preset (it does, however, compile fine under the Console Debug build preset).  Examining the build errors, I removed some extern "C" code bits I found in some .c files, as the C programming language does not recognize extern "C", and it worked fine.
Thinking my problems solved, I then attempted to utilize the STL, and received a great number of build errors for merely including any header.  Even after adding additional MSL C++ libraries, the errors remained.  There seemed to be a problem with namespace's.  I ditched the headers and wrote a very simple namespace.  Sure enough, the compiler did not recognize the namespace keyword.
Some time later I read in the Targeting_ColdFire PDF provided with CodeWarrior that the Standard Edition does not support C++ (Also noted at  Yet, I am able to use the class keyword, a feature C does not provide.  Additionally, as mentioned before, the software itslef seems to greatly suggest that at least some C++ support is offered.  Thus, my question is:
What C++ does CodeWarriorStandard Edition support?  Does this edition offer any STL support?

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