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Load WinCE  image to IMX31 ADS

Question asked by Sahul Hameed Badhusha on Jan 9, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2007 by Marc Laframboise
I have brought a new iMX31 ADS and I am trying to put WinCe in it. I have got a WinCE BSP from the vendor and I am trying to download the sample OS Image given in the Freescale website, to the Nand FLash. As per the BSP Userguide its specified that when the ADS board is switched on it will send the message Boot me to the terminal emulation application. But I didn't get any message on my hyperterminal. The connection to the board is correct as the default Os  linux image loaded by the vendor works and I am able to see the display in the LCD as well as the debug messages on the hyperterminal.
Please guide me whether  I should change the jumper settings to boot from the Nand flash so that it connects with my Platform builder.