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HC12: trouble with automation

Question asked by Aaron Solochek on Jan 8, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2007 by CompilerGuru
I'm trying to use CmdIDE.exe to automate our build process, but I think the documentation is out of sync with our actual version of CW. Specifically, the documentation says I can get to the command window by going to View->Command Window from the IDE. There is no such option in the view menu.

Also, when I run cmdide either via the explorer shell,, or through cygwin, all I get is the prompt "Metrowerks CodeWarrior IDE. Hit /? for help" with no prompt. It doesn't seem to respond to any other input at that point.

This is with CW IDE 5.5.1272 from version 3.1 of the HC12 compiler.

Originally we had a build application written in C# using the COM interface which worked, but unfortunately we have two versions of CW installed (one for the HC12, and another for the HC08) and I can't find a way to specify which platform I'm building for with that interface.

Does anyone have any pointers for getting this working?

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