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Programm error at adress 0x6B34 on MCF5208

Discussion created by Ferry DE Groot on Jan 8, 2007
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I'm currently busy with uClinux project on MCF5208. The software is it's final stage, but we are having problems with our own design board. For this we have used the following external memories 2 x K4S641632H SDRAM and 2 x S29JL023H Flash. It programs the flash memory but it stops always stops programming when it reaches address 0x6B34. This problem always occurse on the same address. THe funny thing is that we have tested the MCF5208 with an 15 MHz and 16 MHz crystal, to check if an possibele watchdog timer reseted the chip during programming. The result should be an longer Flash time, which actualy happed and the program tool ProgCFZ got an little bit further. But P&Emicro claims that watchdog is put off during programming. So I'm little bit puzzled here? PEmicro is loking at my log file for an possibele cause of the problem, but I want to if anybody had problems with there watchdog during programming or was this coincident?
Since we are using the MCF5208 in 32-bits databus, I wanted to know if some one had problems with this databus. The MCF5208 Device Errata refers to an possibele problems. Or an possibele invalid memory access, resulting the the bus cycle to continious indefinitely waiting for assertion of the #TA signal (external acknowledge)? Any suggestions are always welcome.

Ferry de Groot