Fred Flintstone

Writing to the flash ROM on M52233Demo Board

Discussion created by Fred Flintstone on Jan 7, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2007 by Nicholas Cooke
I'm confused as to how I am supposed to get code into the flash ROM on the M52233Demo Board.  I have the board and the USB & the serial cables that came with it and can debug code sitting in RAM just fine.  In the CodeWarrior IDE I can set 'Internal ROM' as a build target and compile, but I see no options to tell it to start downlaoding the code into the device.  Under the 'Tools' menu there is a place to select what flash programmer to use, but these all appear to be devices I do not have.  Do I really need to buy a tool to program the flash ROM or is the USB cable running from my laptop to the demo board all I should need?  If I have everything already in hand, where do I go to find the resources that explain how to get CW to download the code once I've done an 'Internal ROM' build?