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USB Multilink BDM for Code Warrior 3.1 settings

Discussion created by Raghav Sarma on Jan 5, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2007 by Raghav Sarma
I am trying to build my application and download it on to the HCS12 using code warrior 3.1 and a P & E USB Multilink Pro BDM. When I do this, I get an error message on the True-Time Simulator saying "Communication to ICD-12 failed". It then directs me to a window to choose the communication device and the only option is COM1 (no USB option). Any idea how I can get this to work? Any settings that can be changed in Code Warrior or in the True time Simulator?
My colleague was able to build and download the same application using the same USB Multilink Pro, but with Code Warrior Version 4.5