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Discussion created by Renjith Philip on Jan 4, 2007
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My problem is with regard to the MC9S12NE64.
I need to receive/read from another device and transmit it other the ethernet to other NE64. The data has a width of 8-bits. Its PCM data from a SLIC. The SLIC pumps out this data at frequency of 256kHz.
I need to read this 8-bit data into the NE64. I tryed using the SCI (serial port, not spi) at the highest baud rate (1562500 baud, using PE).
I set the data width to 8bit but cant set the stop bit to 0. Is there any way i can set the stop bit to 0? Because, this stop bit messes up the data totally and i wont be able to send out 8bits back thru the ethernet to other SLIC.
Can you please show me a way to receive(or send) just 8bits (without parity or stop bits) using the SCI or even any other way?
Please advise. Most appreciated.