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HC08 Using PWM and RTIshared

Discussion created by Brian Espenschied on Jan 4, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2007 by Processor Expert
I am having trouble using the PWM and the RTI shared beans at the same time. I am programming an HC908JL3 with CW5.1.
I am using the PWM with TIM0 to generate a PWM signal to control a small dc motor. This I have working ok. I also need a shared interrupt to generate an interrupt every 10ms to handle some display and Keyboard routines. I have each of these routines working seperatly. When I try to enable the PWM and the RTIshared beans at the same time I get "Error: Peripheral is already being used by the Bean PWM1". I have the 'bean uses entire timer' set to no for both beans. I have tried many different variations and have not got it to work.
I have searched the manual on the JL3 and found no reference that you can not use the timer module for the PWM and RTI at the same time.
Does anyone have any ideas? I have been working on this problem for several weeks now and can not figure it out.