Mark Ashby

TCP Server using InterNiche miniSockets

Discussion created by Mark Ashby on Jan 4, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2007 by Kyle Ludwig
Hi all,
I am having a blast with my M52233DEMO board.  Just a little trouble understanding InterNiche.
I have been able to get a socket listening on port 10001 and accepting connections.
I then just echo the data back by using send().
The problem is that the listening socket is still actively listening on the same port thereby allowing another connection to be made.
This just adds another socket to my msring but this is a problem when sending data back as it over writes the local socket descriptor that I made from the first call to msring_del().
Being new to TCP/IP programming, I'm looking for any assistance in how to handle blocking a second connection, keeping it from being successful while the first connection is active.  How do I get the underlying tcp code to send a [RST, ACK] to any subsequent requests.
See attached code.