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LTIB MX35 misses amd-gpu module in 2.6.31 kernel

Discussion created by Christophe Cap on Mar 3, 2011
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I'm building a rootfs based upon ltib vL2.6.31_09.12.01 for the MX35 3stack EVK.


When I deploy the rootfs there's no gpu.o/gpu.ko available.

Also in the kernel config there's no option to enable -kernel- GPU support

(The userspace packages amd-gpu-bin-mx35 and libz160-bin are both enabled so there's no issue there)


In version 10.2010 of ltib, using L2.6.35, there is a MXC_AMD_GPU option available, however the IPU build for MX35 in this LTIB version is broken so I can't use that LTIB version either.


Did any of you manage to enable the amd-gpu kernel driver for MX35 with ltib ?