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Discussion created by Fred Flintstone on Dec 31, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2007 by SRuggles
I've been using CW for the HCS12X and and migrating over to ColdFire.  Oddly enough the CW IDE for ColdFire has some differences and I'm confused by a few things.
*> The user's manual for the M52233Demo board says that you should run and debug your code in internal ROM before migrating over to flash for regular use.  But I do not see anything explaining that process.
*> The HCS12X version of CW debugged in a separate simulation window.  Is anything like this available for ColdFire?
*> I get strange errors trying to compile the default projects that get created by the IDE.  A C++ project will only compile if I pick Console as the target.  For example if I pick 'UART Debug' or 'Internal ROM' I get these errors:
Error   : declaration syntax error
Int_handlers.c line 14   extern "C" { 
Error   : declaration syntax error
Int_handlers.c line 191   }
Error   : ')' expected
fec.c line 193    nif->receive = (void (*)(NIF_t*))&fec_receive; 
Error   : declaration syntax error
mcf5xxx.c line 10   extern "C" { 
Error   : declaration syntax error
mcf5xxx.c line 511   }
Error   : declaration syntax error
mcf52233_sysinit.c line 340   }
Are there some other project settings I have to set somewhere to use these other modes?
*> A C project will compile under any mode, but if I run it under 'Internal ROM' I get an error when I try to step through the code.  The first line it starts with is
jmp _asm_startmeup
and I get a Windows pop-up error box with the message
Exception vector name : Address error
Any thoughts on this one?
I'm also puzzled as to what manual I should be using to learn to program the MCU on the board.  I'd thought we had the MCF52233, but no chip on the board has that name.  I see an MC9S12UF and a PCF52233CAF60, neither of which I see manuals for.  Freescale's product page for the demo board lists a manual for a genenric chip family.