Mehmet Fide

MC9S08LC60: 32.768Khz External Xtal+1sec RTI+KBI at 5 Inputs+STOP3. Current consumption?

Discussion created by Mehmet Fide on Dec 30, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2007 by paul brule
I'm new at freescale and thinking of developing a project with MC9S08LC60 that is not released yet. I have some doubts before starting. My project should consume very low power at the battery.
MCU will run at ~2.7V VDD.
It manages all RTC functionality with a deviation 0.5 sec/day.
It works with a low power external xtal 32.768Khz.
It has 5 inputs to wake-up in sleep.
It enters STOP3 mode and wakes every second.
It should start-up as fast as possible and than sleep again after some code executions.
No LVD, No LCD, No ADC while in stop3 mode.
There is no external hardware consumes current.
Under these conditions, Can you estimate the approximate current consumption of my application?
Thank you.