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M52235EBV dBUG source or object?

Discussion created by Petter Gustad on Dec 29, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2007 by Harjit Singh
I'm currently doing development on my M52235EBV board using gcc under Linux. I download and run the SREC files using dBUG. However, I would like to know if my application will run from FLASH using my own ISRs and without the help of dBUG.

This means that I'll have to erase dBUG (or at least parts of it) from the FLASH. I would like to be able to restore dBUG but I can't find the source or an object file for it. Does anybody know where I can obtain a copy of dBUG for the M52235EBV?

My current version is:

dBUG> ver

ColdFire MCF5223 on the M5223EVB
Firmware v4a.1b.1a (Built on Mar 23 2006 11:35:34)
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