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Communication problem with MC68HC908GP32

Discussion created by Jim Toutoulis on Dec 28, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2007 by Jim Toutoulis
Hi, I am a student of electronics and now I want to programme the
microcontroller of motorola MC68HC908GP32 with 908GP32PDS board ver.
2.0  I use the software <<ICS08GPGTZ In Circuit simulator>> which includes
the application WinIDE Development Environment of PEMICRO. The
problem is when i want to connect with the target, then i read the following
(Ethernet fuctionality not enabled-Socket Error #10065  No route to host
Opening Com1 at 19200 baud...opened
Starting powerdown reset sequense...
Attempting reset button reset of HC08device... Unsuccessful.
Starting powerdown reset sequence ...
If anyone know for this please give me some help.
I checked all the parameters of ports, baud rate at 19200 ( I have 20 Mhz
crystal) , target hardware type at Class3 (through serial port).