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MPC5200B USB controller

Discussion created by Siddharth karnik on Dec 28, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2008 by Pedro Jurado Dominguez
I am working with MPC 5200B on USB stack developemnt
I am trying to queue control transfer at endpoint 0. But the transfer does not happen . Following is the sequence of operations I am  doing
  1. Seting the clock rate
  2. Configuring primary USB port
  3. giving software rest for OHCI
  4. waiting till OHCI signals reset conplete
  5. Put OHCI in USB_RESET
  6. Write the head endpoint descriptor for control transfer at control head endpont offset register
  7. Write the HCCA location in HCCA register
  8. Put the controller in USB_OPERATIONAL state

On device connect

  1. Reset port
  2. Enable port
  3. Enable control list processing
  4. Enable control list filled

The controller does following things

  1. Transfer the contents from Head poiinnter to current control pointer
  2. Updates frame number(s) in HCCA area.


  1. The Done queue register contains no transfer descriptor
  2. The HCCA done queue has no update
  3. There is no update on error code in transferr descriptor error queue.

I am attaching the values of all the registers when my code executes.

Please let me know if I am doing any thing wrong. Waiting for response.