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Codewarrior Debugger ignores any added code!?

Question asked by Paul Kilbride on Dec 27, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2006 by Nina Friedman
Just getting started coding on on the HC08. Using the special addition Codewarrior that comes with 1321XNSK-BDM. I have cut down the code so it will compile with 32 file limit of the Accel_V3.0 project. Cutting down the files is a problem since all the examples have more than 32 files. Don't want to spend $1K or more and remove the 32 file limit and still have a faulty debugger.

Using a PE Micro USB interface. The program does download since the 13213-SRB device and the program acts like it should. For example, hitting switch 1 causes the device to be a transmitter.

But if modify code such as simple add line
INT16 n16inun=0;

it says on debugging with the PE Micro through USB port that "n16inun not allocated int" and other code changes are passed over as if not there. Also, adding calls to functions happen as they are not there. How can this be corrected so the debugger works?

And if the debuggers doesn't work the code is probably not working and the Codewarrior IDE is not usable.