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problem with communicate to MCU.  "secured?"

Question asked by Michal Rusinek on Dec 26, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2007 by Daniel Malik
Hello everyone

i've got little question for You .

i've built a TBDML interface with manual from Daniel , everything was all right , usb driver install ok,
after "set gdi" I configure path to .dll file and configure everything in "set speed" and "select MCU".
Computer see my TBDML interface but problem occur when i try to comunicate with MCU ( HC912-DT128A )

When I start Hi-wave , i ve got such effect:
How can i find the reason of that problem. is this a hardwave problem or software? this " SECURE? " statement.
perhaps i must configure some thing to not get such statement.
perhaps TBDML can't work with 912DT128A . or something wrong with autoreset.

when i choose "TBDML HCS12" -> "Load" -> "load code" form .abs file , i've got:

have you got any sugest how to configure it in hiwave or in some file (ex. startup.cmd) to comunicate with mcu.
unluckily Daniel TBDML manual finish when i start Hiwave.

thanks a lot

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