Serhat Kahraman

a pager application with 1321xNSK

Discussion created by Serhat Kahraman on Dec 25, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2007 by Nina Friedman
Hi Everybody,

I need assist on my zigbee project  "building a cluster tree messaging network". I thoght end devices will work as a pager. but here is the point should the SARD boards of 1321xNSK be an end device(reduced function device.) and should NCB be a Pan coordinator? or I should find any other product for end devices and set SARD boards for full function device. I m stuck at the beginning. What components do I have to use in this project. and what sources do you suggest me to look.   help of you guys will assist me to go deeper in zigbee world. thanks a lot.